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Whether you are interested in concealed carry, duty carry or competition, your holster is probably the most important gear choice you make next to your gun itself. A good holster is crucial for making your firearm secure, accessible, comfortable and practical to actually carry and use. There are a bunch of companies out there making solid holsters these days, but we feel Tier 1 is among the best. Billy personally runs the Optio v2 for competition, and the MSP Flex for EDC. We don't have a discount code but we still recommend these guys and if you use the link below it lets Tier 1 know we sent you.


I've been running Blue Alpha belts since before SpecTrain's inception, and they remain some of my favorite duty belts available. Possibly most special is the "EDC Style" inner belt, which was one of the first adjustable inner belts on the market. It remains one of my favorite CCW belts and is the only inner belt I use for duty or competition style outer belts.

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We believe when carrying a firearm everyday, you should carry an additional magazine and ammo.  Neomag has made this easy and comfortable with a simple yet highly effective solution.  We have carried, beaten and battered our Neomags and they have not quit on us. Also make sure to check out Neomag's other innovative products such as the sentry strap, which is a fantastic universal sling keeper.



Howitzer clothing is a brand built on giving back millions to Law Enforcement and Military, and have shown incredible support for instructors and trainers across the industry.

It's usually pretty apparent that most major companies in the "gun industry" aren't run but shooters. It's equally apparent when the rare exception like Howitzer actually is, and we couldn't be more excited to be joining the prostaff and have our own branded shirt.

Support the companies that support us as shooters!

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