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Dry Fire Rounds
  • Dry Fire Rounds

    NOTE: Bullet type updated, see description below.


    Created after demand from the Speed Up & Get Your Hits podcast dryfire episode, these are reloaded brass 9mm cases with 147gr bullets (no powder, no primers). The specific bullet was originally from blue bullets, but has been updated to Brass Monkey due to better availability. For dry fire rounds there is zero functional difference, only aesthetic. Pictures will be updated to show the new white bullet color ASAP.


    Dry firing with these cartridges offers the following advantages:

     - Train slide lock reloads, malfunctions, etc. with 100% realistic cartridges.

     - Magazines are weighted accurately when training reloads.

     - Realistic spring tension on the first round makes your magazine feed lips less likely to get stuck on your magwell during reloads.


    Please note, these rounds are loaded exactly the same as normal rounds and use a polymer-coated lead bullet. When handled roughly training malfunctions etc, it is possible for these cartridges to take damages such as overseating the bullets, scaring the exterior of the bullets etc. This typically only happens when training malfunctions such as double feeds where the bullets take impacts, and they could only become unusable after very extensive use.

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