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Mod1 Smurf Turds - 147 gr Training/Match Loads
  • Mod1 Smurf Turds - 147 gr Training/Match Loads

    So why ST Ammo? My goal is to provide you with quality performance shooters with high-quality loads that are accurate, reliable, low-recoil, and affordable. Like in all business can't promise to be both the cheapest and the best, but what I can promise is provide you with the same blend of these qualities that I choose to shoot myself.

    A note on transparency... A huge thing I look for in ammo is consistency. When you order ammo, you want to know that it's exactly like the previous batch you ordered, no surprises. I've used "match grade" ammo from smaller companies in the past with great results, but consistency has been the downfall. Especially since the pandemic, component availability and pricing will often force loaders to change the components they use. I'm sure we will be no different. The trouble is, you usually have no idea what components are being used, and when changes are made. So maybe you've tested a product extensively and found it to be reliable, but then you pick up the next box to run at a major and surprise surprise, it's different. So here's my promise, the recipe for my loads will be posted. If I'm forced or choose to make changes, the new recipe will be posted under a different mod.


    A note on "Training/Match Grade ammo". As you may be aware, "Match Grade" is a marketing term, it's not a real thing and there's no actual definition. When it comes to ammo for practical shooting, the primary thing that sets match ammo apart would be the primers. You want a round that is 100% guaranteed to ignite every time. But softer and higher quality primers tend to be more expensive, often significantly. So I typically don't choose to shoot the highest quality primers the majority of the time. This load uses Servicios primers. Your experience with them might vary depending on your hammer/striker spring setup. I've personally run about 20k rounds of this exact load so far, and I've had a single failure to fire with OEM striker springs. I typically run this recipe in training, classes, and local matches/smaller majors. This is actually the load I won the Nationals Bill Drill Comp with. If I'm traveling to say nationals, I'll upgrade. That load will hopefully be available under another mod shortly.


    Mod 1 Smurf Turds Recipe

    - Once fired brass - wet tumbled, dry polished.

    - 147 Gr RN Blue Bullets

    - Hodgdon Titegroup Power

    - Servicios & Aventuras Small Pistol Primers


    Age Restrictions Federal law (18 USC 922(b)(1), 27 CFR 478. 99(b)) requires that you must be 21 years or older to purchase handgun ammunition and 18 years or older to purchase rifle ammunition.

    Refund Policy - All Ammo Sales Final

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