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Core classes are designed to be an entry level class like no other. We wanted to build a course that welcomes newer shooters, but also brings value to shooters that already have an already established skill-set.

These courses are designed to introduce students to what we believe are the fundamental skills for any practical shooting discipline, whether that be gun-fighting or an action shooting match. This is a very different list from what has traditionally been understood as "the fundamentals" and includes fundamental marksmanship at speed, draws/presentations, gear considerations, reloads/gun handling, target transitions and movement.


This 2-day course is all about helping shooters get faster and more accurate behind the gun. We'll start by building a solid foundation of fundamentals and continue to add layers of performance over the two days


Level-Up Performance

This 2-day course is all about helping competition and performance shooters and level up their game. Whether you are an  experienced shooter new to competition, or a long time competitor finally getting serious about shooting at a master/grandmaster level, this class is for you.

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Precision Rifle

SpecTrain's Precision Rifle programs are lead by Garret Scrivani, a former Marine Scout Sniper, and are a great opportunity for anyone looking to learn how to run a long gun to it's maximum capabilities.

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